Only ingredients that you can pronounce - no synthetic additives or preservatives. Because nutrients are most valuable to you in their natural network.

natural ingredients


Ninja Foods is based on the latest scientific studies. We combine nutrient-dense and high quality ingredients to help you find your perfect balance. With every product we try to keep the bioavailability high - so the nutrients are better absorbed into the cells of your body. This is not the case with synthetic manufactured powders.

scientific approach, backed by science


Instead of a high carbohydrate content or sugar, Ninja Foods provides you with phytochemicals, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

Refined Carbohydrates and sugars cause a rapid spike in blood sugar levels and, as a result, insulin levels. Insulin causes the breakdown of blood sugar, which then falls below the original level. In the short term, this can lead to slackness, fatigue and food cravings. In the long term, this increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Blood sugar and insulin levels after regular juice drinks.

-schematic representation

no sugar, sugarfree

Blood sugar and insulin levels after Ninja Foods.

- schematic representation

no sugar, sugar free


Like raw honey or raw milk, natural enzymes, oils, vitamins and minerals are often altered by heating. While occasionally bioavailability is facilitated by cooking, it is generally considered optimal to consume botanicals in their most natural form. Our Super Green Elixir is 100% raw, organic and made from the tastiest ingredients in the world.

To ensure that all phytochemicals and enzymes intact, our ingredients are raw and always processed below 42 ° C. Thus, they are rich in antioxidants that protect you from cell aging.

raw ingredients


Sustainability starts with the cultivation of the plants, goes beyond the water consumption in the production and ends with the packaging. We have set ourselves the goal of making all these processes as sustainable as possible.

The most visible result: Ninja Foods counts on 100% Compostable packaging and sustainable Bamboo Spoons instead of using plastic. 

We also value transparency with our suppliers. Being as sustainable as possible while only working with organic, raw and fair traded ingredients is always in our focus.

sustainable business