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Sustainability and environmental implications were kept in mind throughout the entire development process of our products. From the sourcing of raw ingredients and the manufacturing process to the delivery to our clients, environmental responsibility has been taken into consideration.

The Super Green Ninja Powders compounds and films comply with EU 13432 standards and are certified for both home and industrial composting through the OK Compost mark by the TUV institute. The materials also meet food contact regulation requirements in Europe and the US.

comopostable packaging

What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable packaging?

If you’re considering eco-friendly packaging options you need to understand the difference between biodegradable packaging and compostable packaging.

What is “Biodegradable Packaging?”

Biodegradable packaging can be broken down into carbon dioxide, water, and natural biomass (the result of composting). What’s important to understand about biodegradable packaging is that there is not a specified time that is required for degradation. The process could potentially take years to biodegrade. Over time, all things will degrade but will likely leave behind harsh toxins and chemicals and are therefore not compostable.

Main points to consider with biodegradable packaging:

  • Potentially takes years to biodegrade
  • Some biodegradable packaging leaves behind harsh toxins and chemicals when it breaks down
  • Preferable to styrofoam take out packaging 

biodegradableWhat is

“Compostable Packaging?”

The term compostable refers to products that break down consistently with other natural materials. It is an accelerated and managed form of biodegradation.

Compostable materials take an added step and provide the earth with nutrients once the product has fully degraded. Again, this also has to happen in an accommodating compostable environment. There must be an abundance of heat and moisture with the appropriate level of oxygen.

For the packaging items to be 100% compostable, it usually breaks down within 90-180 days with no residue left behind. The biomass turns into a toxin-free nutrient-rich soil with no trace of the product left behind.

Main points to consider with compostable packaging:

  • Takes 90-180 days to degrade to be considered compostable
  • Biomass of compostable packaging is toxin-free
  • All compostable items are biodegradable, but not all biodegradable items are compostable
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