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Our Mission, Organic and Raw Superfoods


We simply did not find any superfood mixture that was convincing for ourselves. Either taste or ingredients weren’t right.

Most of the products were overpriced and with too little effect. Wanting to have a complete product that covers it all and has a scientific background made us come up with the Ninja Powder.



We sourced for the most effective superfoods. All based around clinical studies - No BS. Built to create a formula that is made of powerful natural raw foods while offering transparency and a good price performance.

Sustainability was always one of our main importances, which made us only use easy to recycle materials and also brought us to our collaboration with Trees For The Future. We now made the promise, to plant a tree with every sold package and reduce our environmental impact.



Since the Ninja Powder wer are driven to only use the highest-quality ingredients, bringing you products based on our principle: Nutrition backed by science.

We are constantly experimenting with new and exciting ingredients to create more innovative blends that deliver on both performance and taste.


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