The vision that we have for NinjaFoods translates into the ingredients that we source to make the foods we love and want to offer you. All Ingredients are managed in-house resulting in an unmatched level of product quality.

We believe in a purist approach and actively work with and support like-minded farmers to produce the best, and most nutritious greens for you.

We are obsessed with maintaining the integrity of food at its purest form.







Marco Trunz



Marco Trunz

Founder and CEO

Marcos love for nutrition and alternative healing methods origin from a very young age, making him study food as a passion. He has always been doing food research and innovation, being fueled by the idea that food can replace medicine.



I want to create things that make us feel good.


Sandra Martens





Sandra Martens

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

Studying alternative medicine, Sandra discovered her passion for knowledge around the human body and quickly set her focus on creating raw, natural and unprocessed foods that make healthy nutrition become easier for everyone. When Sandra is not working she loves engaging in sports, Yoga and travels such as her 3-week Expedition to the Himalayas in 2017, crossing the highest Pass of Nepal by foot. 





We're an environmentally conscious business.

Our environmental commitments and goals are embedded in our mission, strategy and code of business conduct, and we are committed to running our business in a long-term sustainable manner.

We are NinjaFoods, nice to meet you.