Ninja Foods GmbH

Tokai Coffee & Pineapple 58% - Vegan Chocolate


We wanted to create a coffee bar that wasn't your standard "espresso" or "cappuccino" bar, but something more subtle where the coffee and cacao flavours intertwine, with an ethereal lift not common to coffee chocolate which is the role the sweet and tangy pineapple and fresh vanilla play in this bar. 

The unique soil, topographical and weather conditions in South India give our beans and chocolate their unique fruity and zesty flavours.

Our Cacao Beans are Box Fermented and raw.

Our packaging is made of recycled cotton offcuts. The inner lining is made of biodegradable BOPLA. 

Unroasted Cacao Beans (58%), Coconut Sugar (22%), Pineapple (18%) *Arabica Coffee (1,5%) & *Vanilla (0,5%) *organically certified. Handmade. Vegan.


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